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  • Leo R.

    Venus is one of the most hardworking and proactive people I’ve ever met in my life. Thanks to her hard work as my agent, my first home purchasing experience has been much more pleasant than I had anticipated. Venus is very detail oriented, she helped me understand all aspects that are important in purchasing a place - cap rate, appreciation outlook, mortgage choices, tax benefits, etc. All of these information allowed me to make an informed and well calculated decision on the property I decided on buying. Venus is also extremely resourceful and proactive. After learning that I was more interested in properties in the East Bay, she was able to bring on one of her colleagues who has a lot of experience in East Bay properties. Ultimately, we were able to absorb all the knowledge from her colleague and understood the East Bay housing market so much better. I would highly recommend Venus to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a home in the Bay Area. She will help you organize your preferences and give you suggestions base on them, connect you with resources that will greatly improve the deals you get (mortgage rate, incentives, big discount on furnitures, etc), and truly go out of her ways to ensure you will have a smooth and informed home purchasing experience.Thank you so much Venus!

  • Connie K.

    Venus was our realtor when my husband and I bought our multi-family unit in San Francisco just a few months ago. This property had all the characteristics of a commercial building with long-term residents, vacancies, the works. And she helped us navigate the SF property market with utmost ease! Venus has been the most wonderful, patient, and hardworking realtor my husband and I've worked with. She will work with you to make sure you're comfortable and 100% in agreement every step of the way. When we weren't familiar with with esoteric real estate/legal term, she'd patiently explain so we're clear. She never rushed us, and she went out of her way to make herself and her resources available. She's always working, even when she's on vacation (probably not healthy, but we definitely appreciated it!). Whether you're looking for a first time purchase of a starter home condo, or you're looking for multi-unit commercial property (basically, anything and everything on the market!), I highly recommend Venus.

  • Vincent M.

    I had the pleasure of working with Venus on a recent event called Imagine Talks with over 300+ attendees. Our original venue was cancelled because of an unexpected maintenance issue and we needed to find a replacement as soon as possible otherwise we would have to cancel our event. Venus initially volunteered to be on board to secure sponsors for the event and when she found out that we lost our location, she immediately offered to help us find a new venue. With her great interpersonal communication, negotiation skills, and strong connection to the bay area community, she was able to secure a new venue for us within a couple of days. I was impressed with her diligence and passion to help us. Today I am not looking to invest yet but when I am, Venus will be my preferred real estate agent to work with. I know she will be able to negotiate with the buyer or the seller to get me the best deal possible.

  • Buyer

    I recently worked with Venus to purchase my first home, and I’m very glad I was referred to her by a friend. Venus took the time to understand my needs and wants, refining her recommendations and providing thorough details about each property. She explained the home buying process to me well, holding my hand through each part, from introductions through finally getting keys. She connected me with a great mortgage agent for pre-approval and financing early on, and kept involved in the entire process. Even better, when it came time to bid and negotiate an offer, Venus worked some magic and bargained the seller *down* from their initial counter offer, and we struck a good deal in the end! That’s unheard of in San Francisco! You want a realtor with strong integrity who will work hard for you, be patient with you, understand you, and with whom you’ll enjoy working. And Venus exceeds all of these.

  • Buyer

    Venus helped me purchase my first home in San Francisco! We met at an open house and she was very proactive about reaching out and helping me start the home buying process. This included taking me to open houses, going over disclosures and offer documents, and connecting me with the right people throughout the process. Venus is responsive, attentive, and understood well my requirements and what I was looking for. She was able to provide me with all the information I needed when making decisions on offers and the closing and loan process. She is also extremely experienced and has invaluable connections that helped with the search. There was also a lot of complicated paperwork with the closing process but Venus helped guide me through so that I wasn't too overwhelmed. Thank you Venus! Couldn't have done it without you.

  • Carl L.

    Venus is absolutely fantastic! She is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, hard-working and willing to go above and beyond for her clients. From day one all the way through closing, Venus was committed to providing us with the highest level of care and expertise. She is very bright and an excellent communicator, making sure we were always comfortable and involved in each part of the process. She has dozens of excellent qualities which make her a perfect fit for the job and just a lovely person. Additionally, she has built a well-trusted and well-respected network of experts for all other areas of home buying: attorney, inspector, you name it. Venus knows and works with the best in the business. I really can't say enough good things! I am so happy and so thankful that Venus helped us every step of the way.

  • Buyer

    Thanks to Venus, I now have a place to call my own! Venus has done a great job helping me navigate the ridiculously competitive SF market. As a first-time home buyer, I found the process pretty daunting. Luckily, I have Venus on my side to help explain every little detail each step of the way.  She made sure I understand what to expect and how to best position myself to succeed in buying my first home. She is very proactive in following up to see what I think about the properties we look at as well as share any helpful details to help me consider whether I should made an offer or not. If you are looking in the market for a home in the Bay Area, I would highly recommend Venus!

  • Seller

    Venus will work hard for her clients and friends. She is extremely gifted in sales, customer service, business development, market research, and professional networking. She has great insights in the best ways to conduct negotiations and always strives for the win-win situation of both parties. Having her involved with your transactions will bring a level of maturity, intelligence, and integrity that is lacking in the majority of professional relationships today.

  • Simon C.

    I had Venus come with me to look at new developments and she showed a desire to really help me with searching and deals! Ultimately, my folks and I decided we would be better suited for a place in a few months from now, but she has told us she would be readily available to assist us and provide us with information whenever we needed it.

  • Buyer

    Venus was super helpful in finding the right house for myself and my partner. We really dragged a net across much of sf. Finding the right property in the right neighborhood in sf can be really hard. When you’re new to such a crazy market, a knowledgeable realtor like Venus is crucial.

  • Buyer

    Venus is smart, friendly and was a great help guiding me through the process of buying my first home. Lots of local knowledge and contacts make her a great agent to work with in San Francisco. Thanks Venus!